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You deserve to reap the benefits of a passion-filled life


You deserve joy personally and professionally, each day. 


You deserve to grow into the best version of yourself.



And I'm the Career Love Coach! My passions are career coaching, HR, and DE&I!

I'm a fiance, a dog mom, and a traveler! I value passion, family, growth, and excellence. 

I'm a Scorpio, INFJ, and believe that I'm here to inspire and support other Black Women to build a life and career they love!

I hope that I have the opportunity to connect with you and that your life is better now that our journeys have crossed! 


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I’ve literally ALWAYS been driven by my passion. It’s what led me to psychology, and that led me to my master’s degree in management and that led me to Human Resources. I’ve always had such clear direction and always knew exactly when and what I wanted. And when I found human resources, I dove right in and never looked back (like not even for a second) 💘I landed an amazing internship and grew my career as an HR and Talent Acquisition Expert.

But as things evolve, as they often do in “family-oriented companies” I found myself hating the company that I used to love and becoming an employee of a toxic workplace that used to be my happy place. It is amazing what money, politics, and ego can do to a company and its culture.

After a year, of trying to “stick it out” and staying at a job I hated because it was the “right thing to do”, my mental and emotional well-being had enough.

There were a LOT of days when I cried in my office because of the stress, the toxicity, and the trauma. Sometimes I look back, criticize my career decision and judge myself about why I stayed for soo long.

But when I hit that breaking point, of feeling depressed, unhappy, gaining weight, and taking all of my work stress home with me…I no longer felt connected with my passion (and all while underpaid.. but that’s a story for another time).

It was at that point, that I had to face the truth…

I had to leave because I deserved so much better in my life and my career!

So, I launched my job search, still feeling like total 💩. I was burned out, stressed, overwhelmed, doubting myself, and feeling a little lost.

That energy, that mindset, that workplace trauma… seeped into my job search. It was holding me back from successfully transitioning into a new role where I could be happy, fulfilled, and valued.

And once I realized how my toxic job was negatively impacting my job search… that was the moment when I realized, that I had to stand up for myself and acknowledge what I needed to make the transition.

I needed clarity

I needed confidence

I needed strategy

And the only way I did that was to reconnect with what was driving me from the very beginning… PASSION.

Passion for transforming the workplace. Passion for helping employees. Passion for driving strategic change. Passion for creativity and innovative solutions. Passion for impacting lives.

That passion helped me realize that using my gifts and talents is the MOST important thing!

And by the way… my gifts and talents can change the WORLD!

Why in the world would I let some toxic company that can’t see my value, BLOCK my calling?

That realization gave me all of the confidence that I needed to gain clarity on the next step in my career, package my experience in a way that sold my skills, and leverage my natural strengths to land my dream job.

When I realized that… I transitioned into my dream job as an executive recruiter within 30 days.

On my last day at my toxic employer, one of the sales executives said to me, “It’s so nice to see you smile again.” That was THE moment when I truly realized that this career transition… would mean and change EVERYTHING! AND DID!

I transitioned into the most positive workplace I’d ever been in. I transitioned to an employer who had a community mission, valued diversity, and provided a supportive work environment. I gained a manager who was caring, who advocated for my growth and development, and who modeled the type of leader I aim to be.

Today I continued to grow, I’m an HR manager who leads a team of amazing talent acquisition professionals. I NEVER would have been where I am today if I didn’t allow passion to guide me in my journey years ago!

Now, as a career coach, I’m using my talent acquisition expertise to help other amazing, gorgeous, talented Black Women do the same.

It’s my mission to help Black Women who have been feeling the CALL, just as I did, to transition out of employers, careers, and situations that do not serve them, do not align with their goals in life, and do not fulfill their purpose and passions.

It’s my vision that every Black Woman who wants to have a career that they are passionate about, fulfilled in, and valued for has access to the resources, tools, knowledge, and coaching to do so. PERIOD.

It’s my goal, to help Black Women fall in LOVE with their career again!


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My Client Transformations

"I just received an offer for the position and wanted to thank you for your help with that interview process. I know prepping with you the day before really made the difference and helped me feel more confident. Thank you so much!"


Joanna D.

Mercedes helped me land my dream job straight out of college! My resume had been critiqued by engineering professionals before so I didn’t think I had anything to worry about. But when Mercedes reviewed my resume, she marked up everything that would be a red flag to someone in HR. Given her experience in that department, she was able to help my resume stand out amongst others. I will forever be grateful!


Destinee W.

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